Your Committees

Our committees are loosely constructed of anyone who wants to participate in brainstorming, planning and action on a topic of interest to the neighborhood. We encourage committees to meet between our monthly meetings and offer support from social media, the website or our Inman Square business and government connections for whatever work they are undertaking. At each monthly meeting, we allocate a little time for committees to gather in groups. We know it is not always easy to meet, so this practice helps keep some of our busiest neighbors involved in the issues that concern them. We also hope these mid-meeting committee times encourages new members to get more involved.

At present, our Committees are:

  • The Inman Intersection Committee
  • The Climate Action Committee
  • The Beautification Committee
  • The Economic Development Committee
  • The Social Committee

Joining a committee is easy–just send us a note through our contact page, and we will direct you to the right person. Check out each committee’s page for more information.