Weigh in with your opinion!

Would you like to participate in neighborhood discourse, but can’t make it to a meeting? No problem! Just let us know what’s on your mind through the neighborhood online comment form, and we’ll make sure your comment is heard at the next in-person meeting.

Weigh in with your opinion here.

Please weigh in with your comments, and we’ll make sure they get represented at meetings. If we see significant interest around a particular topic, we’ll add it to meeting agendas.

While in-person deliberations will remain the primary way we make decisions for now, we’ll incorporate what we hear through online feedback into deliberations and into meeting agendas, to better represent the thoughts and feelings of more neighbors.

(And if you’d like to see a process that incorporates online comments even more thoroughly, please propose such a process through the above form, by commenting on the draft bylaws online, or at a meeting.)