Committee Updates

Any resident is welcome to join a committee or start a new one. If you are interested, use the contact page to reach out to us.

The Climate Action Committee

A group of Inman Square area residents will meet for the purpose of helping area residents and businesses to obtain renewable energy and energy efficiency services. The as yet informal Inman Climate Action Network (ICAN) is investigating the feasibility of different approaches and how to organize effective outreach. If you would like to help or join this effort, please contact John Pitkin (john at

The Committee’s next meeting will be at First United Presbyterian Church on February 27 at 7 PM. All are welcome!

Economic Development Committee

The Committee has a meeting with the City’s Economic Development Division on February 23rd and will be sending out a survey for all of us sometime in the next few days. Use our contact page to join the committee.

Traffic & Intersection Committee

The Traffic & Intersection Committee has been busy with the Inman intersection proposals. As the City continues to narrow down the options, we in the neighborhood are collecting comments and suggestions that address the details (are people regularly going to fast on your street? Could your traffic signs be more clear? Is there a way to improve that crosswalk?).

Committee Members have come up with their own analysis of the choices, which we will post shortly. In the meantime, a meeting has been scheduled for February 23rd at 10 AM to discuss parking solutions. Let us know if you want to be involved.

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