Calling all aspiring leaders!

Are You our New Chairperson, Clerk or Treasurer?

ISNA has been operating in its unofficial capacity since November. Now, we want to bring in some new leaders (that’s you!) and to get the paperwork underway to get our official status with the City. Our goal is to elect new leadership at the April meeting, and let those leaders work to fine tune Bylaws thereafter. If you have any interest at all in running for a seat on the Board or on the Executive Committee, please let us know! We are here to help!

We begin with a very standard ISNA Bylaw Draft (PDF).  To review these Bylaws:

Some of you will be prepared to review every line of this draft. Great! But many of you will be put off by the legal writing and dull subject matter. If that’s you, consider just glancing at the portions highlighted in red. These sections pose the following important questions:

  1. What is the purpose of ISNA?
  2. Who can be a member?
  3. How many members have to be present at a meeting for a vote to count?
  4. Can you submit your vote in writing without showing up at the meeting (proxy)?
  5. How much and what sort of notice do you want before ISNA holds a vote of the Members?
  6. How long should a Board Member’s term be?
  7. What kind of offices should we have? (Chair, Treasurer, Clerk…)
  8. How long should an officer’s term be?

Thanks for participating!

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