Our Story

Like the rest of Cambridge, Inman Square has seen a lot of changes in recent years. We have new neighbors and neighbors whose parents and grandparents have grown up here. We have a commercial district with a rich history and a new crop of bars and restaurants drawing customers from all over the region. We want an Inman Square in which neighbors continue to know and look out for another, a Square that supports our independent local businesses, and a Square that still makes room for the new people that come to be part of our wonderful, historical neighborhood.

A small group of residents started the Inman Neighborhood Association in the November, 2016 to get Inman residents involved in everything from City proposals to redesign the Inman Square intersection to building flower boxes on Cambridge Street to creating new ways for neighbors to mingle. We welcome anyone who lives in or around Inman Square, whether on the Somerville or Cambridge side of the line, and wants to take part in our unique, vibrant community.